Essential Oils

Nature’s “medicine cabinet” for our family’s wellness!

I received another email tonight from “Circle of Moms” with concerns about how to treat a feverish child. Over the years, I have stored in my head many useful remedies that have helped my children in times of sickness.

I remember when my oldest child, Jayson, was very sick with a high fever.  I called my “granola” neighbor, Faye, and asked her what to do for a fever!  She laughed at me and said, “I’m not the nurse!  You are!”  She reminds me of that conversation often when I see her.  I implemented the “Hot/Cold” game that night with my son.  I first put his feet in a pan of hot water that I had in the bathtub and when he didn’t want to stand in the hot water any more, I next put his feet in a pan of cold water.  I switched back and forth between the hot and cold water until they were pretty nearly the same temperature.  It worked.  His fever was down to a “comfortable” level for me.

I have been tutored by many wise mothers who have taught me from experience and I truly cannot take all the credit.  But, I do not grab for the medications or run off to the doctor when my children are sick.  I have learned to ask prayerfully for help and guidance and listen to my intuition.  That’s not to say that I haven’t or do not take my boys to a doctor ever.

I have rubbed my boys’ feet many times in the middle of the night with virgin olive oil and within minutes the delirium of fever is relieved with a calm, restful sleep and a “comfortable” temperature.  The fever helps our body fight off the illness much quicker and much more efficiently while developing antibodies and strengthening our immunity.  I trust in the design of our creation!

And, I have added other tools along the way to decrease a fever–DoTERRA’s essential oils.  Adding a drop or two of DoTERRA’s peppermint oil with some fractionated coconut oil or virgin olive oil and massaging their feet works even more effectively and more quickly than just the massage in lowering a fever to a “comfortable” level.  Each mother has her own “comfort level” with various ailments that her children will suffer as they build their own immunity once weaned from the breast.

I am very selective to make certain I have the best of nature in DoTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade oils.  And in adding DoTERRA’s oils to my “medicine cabinet” and family’s wellness, I have my emergency supply of “medicinals” built into my monthly budget!  I don’t worry about having a month’s supply or a 90 day supply of medications–I am comfortable in using Nature’s Medicine Cabinet.  I have been learning “how to” for some time now and feel confident with a very safe product.  If I’m not getting the results I desire, I can either reach for other choices of oils OR I am not using enough oils frequently enough.  They always work!

To learn more, please consider hosting a class with your circle of friends and family and I will come to you.

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